Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a medical doctor?

No, I am a Functional medicine practitioner and doctor of Pharmacy. The focus of my practice is to promote health and wellbeing by restoring the body’s internal balance. I do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions, but rather assist the body to function more efficiently thereby increasing the health potential. For treatment, I use combination of herbals/supplements, specific therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, spiritual/emotional counseling, and other self-care/wellness practices to treat the patient and bring patients’ body back to an optimal state. My services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a medical doctor but my programs are meant to work in conjunction with them.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, I don’t prescribe prescription medications. However, as pharmacist, I can make recommendations on your medications and work with your medical doctor to manage your medications.

Do you take insurance?

All appointments are self-pay. We don’t accept insurance and we do not file insurance paperwork on your behalf. However, we will provide a detailed receipt for services performed for you to submit to your insurance carriers. Your health and wellness is our primary motivation in running this clinic and we do our best to make our services affordable to everyone.

How much will the functional medicine program cost?

Each functional medicine appointment is customized to what the patient really needs. The cost of each functional medicine sessions is based on the complexity of the disease state. Some medical conditions are more complex and require more visits as well as more time reviewing medical records, labs, as well as medications/supplements.

How long will my treatment take?

The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of your condition, as well as how long you’ve had it. Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease, not just the treatment of symptoms. It can take some time to restore body’s internal balance and identify the root cause of a disease. The duration of treatment also depends on your compliance to the treatment plan, as well as your commitment to healthy living. In general, it can take six to twelve months for chronic illnesses to respond to treatment, but patients usually notice significant improvement within a few weeks.

How can I learn if I am a good candidate for you program?

Please fill out the web form. After completing the form, you will get a complementary 10-15 minutes phone call from us; it gives you a chance to talk with us about your specific case and get your questions answered. It also allows us to see if you qualify for a consultation.

Who is a good candidate for Cupping (Hijama)?

Hijama can be used to help number of health conditions. It can also be used to maintain optimal health and wellness. There are some cautions as well as contraindications to this therapy in certain medical conditions. Please call our clinic to determine if Hijama therapy is right for you.

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