Medication Therapy Management

Medication carries the power to alter the biochemistry of your body. And long-term medication use, when abused or mismanaged, can push patients to the brink of debt, nutritional deficiencies, adverse side effects, and addiction/drug dependency, as many patients continue relying on expensive drugs that no longer serve their healthful purpose. Our Medication Therapy Management program is designed to remedy that unfortunate reality. With our expertise and unique educational background, we work with patients to evaluate their current medication treatment plan, discerning what is serving their health and what is not.

Because, while medicine is intended for good, many of its consumers struggle to wean off their prescribed dosages after long-term use. We help these patients through that transition. We also help our patients save money on their prescription medications by recommending cheaper, yet equally effective alternatives.

Patients with chronic illnesses often find that medication side effects can feel as defeating and destructive as their illness itself. But adverse side effects are not inevitable; proper nutrition and a healing lifestyle can mitigate, if not prevent, these side effects from escalating. And at Enaya, we supplement our patients’ treatment plans to mitigate medication side effects. With integrative therapies and nutritional support, we partner with you, your primary physicians, and health care providers to ensure your long-term wellbeing.

Dr. Batool Dawood, Pharm.D, CFMP is the founder and CEO of Enaya, LLC. She’s a board certified pharmacist in the state of Minnesota and a University of Minnesota graduate. She has her post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

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