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We are a functional medicine health clinic that restores people’s health and quality of life. We use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing to uncover underlying dysfunctions.​​​​ We are able to uncover often overlooked factors that have a dramatic impact on your health.

Our Mission

Our journey to a happier and healthier you begins with a customized treatment plan that considers your unique history, your genetic make-up, and your current lifestyle choices. With a blend of traditional holistic therapy and modern medicine, we can transform your wellness from an elusive dream to a living reality.

Our Founder

Dr. Batool Dawood, Pharm.D, CFMP is the founder and CEO of Enaya, LLC. She’s a board certified pharmacist in the state of Minnesota and a University of Minnesota graduate. She has her post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

Our Services

Once we find out the objective data we customize a clinical functional medicine program, tailored to your needs that include customized diets and condition specific natural supplements- all tailored to your unique physiology. Browse through our services and let us know if you have any questions!

Medication Therapy Management

Medication carries the power to alter the biochemistry of your body. And long-term medication use, when abused or mismanaged, can push patients to the brink of debt, nutritional deficiencies, adverse side effects, and addiction/drug dependency, as patients continue relying on expensive drugs that no longer serve their healthful purpose. Our Medication Therapy Management program is designed to remedy that unfortunate reality. With our expertise and unique educational background, we work with patients to evaluate their current medication treatment plan, discerning what is serving their health and what is not.

Cupping (Hijama)

From the far East provinces of China, to the Egyptians and Mediterranean Greeks, physicians of various backgrounds believed cupping therapy to be the arcanum of wellness. It is a practice that finds its roots in the most ancient civilizations, yet evidence of its benefits branch into the present. Both conventional and holistic physicians believe in its ability to boost circulatory and immune systems, to detoxify the body, and to relax muscles. Here at Enaya, we offer that service.

Weight Loss Consultation

When it comes to weight loss, one size doesn’t fit all. Obesity is on the rise, and while the number of fad diets, diet supplements, and gym memberships also rise, it is shocking that most people struggle to lose weight and keep it off. At Enaya clinic, we subscribe to a patient-centered, holistic approach. We begin by assessing our patients’ genetic makeup to determine the ideal diet for their unique bodies; we then join them on their journey toward long-lasting health and permanent weight loss.

Functional Medicine Consultation

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered treatment approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Practitioners of this approach do not treat illness and dysfunction through their isolated symptoms. Rather, we view the body as a whole system: when part of this system fails and symptoms surface, we believe that mitigating the symptom with medication is merely a short term solution.  We are in it for the long run. We prefer to treat the root cause, which reverses the illness, heals the body, and restores balance to the body’s health.

Nutrition Consultation

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Traced back to Hippocrates and treasured by holistic nutritionists, this axiom teaches us that food, when chosen carefully, is curing. Food, when consumed wisely, can turn off your genetic predisposition to certain health conditions and safeguard you from a dormant disease. Food, when harnessed properly, is powerful.

Success Stories

“I saw Batool for medication review to help me get off my medications. I was on 13 different medications and my health was a mess. I was hesitant at first because I had to pay out of pocket as she didn’t take my insurance. I have to say every penny was worth spending. I am now down to only 3 medications and my health has taken a total turn in a good way. God bless.” – Dorothy W

Success Stories

“I never really heard about functional medicine up until I met Batool. I suffered from chronic IBS and had gone to many clinics and specialists in Minnesota, including the Mayo clinic. My symptoms would calm down temporarily if I took my drugs, but no permanent resolution. I got to admit that I was skeptical to work with Batool at first because I thought a pharmacist/functional medicine doctor can’t be smarter than my GI specialist. I was wrong. I have made a significant improvement in my health and I am on my way hopefully towards complete recovery with Batool’s help and guidance. She is not only knowledgeable but very kind and caring. I am forever grateful.” – Katherine A

Success Stories

“I was on several different anxiety and depression medications. I was miserable and suffered from terrible insomnia. The drugs I was on barely did anything for me. Dr Batool taught me that gut is a gateway to many disease especially mental health problems. This concept was foreign to me as nobody has ever told me that including my psychiatrist. Dr Batool started her treatment by treating my gut. Long story short, I have made a major progress. My only regret is that I didn’t see her soon enough.” – Joshua C

Success Stories

“I suffered from migraines ever since I was a teenager. I was on prescription medications for last several years. The doctors I had seen in past never really look past my symptoms to see if there was anything else going on with me. Dr Dawood ran some lab work on me and gave me certain vitamins and minerals. It’s been 4 months that I haven’t have a migraine attack. I didn’t know the cure could be so simple. I highly recommend her if you want to get to the bottom of your disease and don’t want to take drugs for life.” – Sandra P


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