It is that time of the year again when many of us make our New Year’s resolutions. If your resolution this year is to lose some weight, get in shape, or to tackle your health, nutrition, or fitness goals, then I encourage you to look at it in a new way!


Instead of worrying about the numbers on the scale, what if we focus on our health first?


What if you could heal your digestive problems, clear brain fog, lift the clouds of anxiety and depression, decrease inflammation and pain, improve or reverse the chronic disease that you have been dealing with for years, and regain your energy back?

Food is medicine. What we put into our mouth directly affects our energy levels, our vitality, our longevity, and our overall quality of life. The kind of foods we eat plays a critical role in how we feel and how our bodies function. So instead of making your food choices in terms of just calories, I encourage you to look at food as a source of varied nutrients and a powerful tool against chronic diseases!




If you have been frustrated with different diets without much success, remember it is a lifestyle change, NOT a crash “diet” that gives you sustained results. As a matter of fact, most new diets only last a few weeks and trying to do too much too quickly is a recipe for failure. It’s taken years to get to where you are with your weight or a health issues, you’re NOT going to fix them in a matter of a few weeks.

Instead of making several drastic changes all at once, choose to overcome one behavioral change at a time. And in the process, remember to be kind to yourself! Nourish your body with the “whole” foods that are healing, instead of restricting calories and relying on numbers or rules.

Wishing all of you happy and healthy 2019!

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